Hey Baby

So, Jude and Baby R have been on a few dates in the past couple of weeks, and the whole thing is just adorable.

Above: Jude soaking up the attention bestowed on him by Baby R

R’s mom is a great person, and when we get together, the conversation never stops.

The past two times we met, we went for walks. The weather has been extraordinary this winter, and we’ve been lucky enough to enjoy late afternoon strolls without the threat of freezing our dear little ones. Unfortunately, the position of the sun this time of day puts the glare smack in the eye line of our babes, and Baby R finds this unbearable. During both excursions, she lost her cool midway and was never able to recover. I could not help but commiserate with her mom; it’s always stressful when one’s baby is unhappy away from home and an immediate solution cannot be reached. It is difficult for a mom to listen to her baby sob even when it’s clear that said little one is not in hurt or in danger. It just tears at the heart.

In these moments when Baby R is crying, Jude’s will whimper in a show of solidarity or he’ll just stare at her in awe/bewilderment as if he’s thinking Girls are just so complicated.


When I was very young, I had a boyfriend named Jackie. Our moms were friends, so we spent a good deal of time together. I remember little about him now except for the fact that we always held hands and spent our time glued to one another’s sides. Mom tells me that if Jackie wouldn’t do what I wanted, I’d tell him that I wouldn’t marry him, and this would send him into hysterics. He’d find his own mother and cry:

“But Mom, Gina said she won’t marry me!”

Complicated indeed.

After several years, Jackie and his family moved to Florida, and with the exception of one short visit, we never saw them again. I have often wondered what happened to them, not because I think we would have gotten married or would even have dated as adults, but because we spent so much time together as kids that it’s natural to be curious.


I am so happy to have found a new friend in Baby R’s mom, and it’s been so much fun watching Jude and R interact. Whether they end up holding hands or promising (and un-promising) marriage to each other or not, I hope they’ll enjoy being pals with one another for as long as it lasts. And though these early moments in Jude’s life are flying by so fast, I’ll always love reliving the memories that arise out of our daily adventures, and I will get infinite pleasure from embarrassing him with these stories sharing these stories with him for years to come–even when he’s long tired of hearing them.

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2 Responses to Hey Baby

  1. Barbara says:

    Hi Gina, I am glad to hear that your new relationship continues. Always nice to have a friend to share your day with. Enjoy!

  2. gnovember says:

    Love the picture above – its always an endearing site to see two little children play together 🙂

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