And I Say, It’s All Right

When I feed Jude his breakfast, he often becomes distracted by, oh, just about every single thing in the kitchen.

“Jude, look at Mama,” I say as he cranes his head to look out the back window. But I am never as exciting as whatever is just beyond the glass, and I often find myself twisting his high chair to accommodate his wandering eye.

So, when he started babbling excitedly and waving his arms yesterday morning, I assumed that he caught sight of one of our cats, Harry or Aggie. I glanced in the direction of his gaze and found not a furry little creature, but a series of sun spots painted across the kitchen floor. Because the wind was blowing the awning on the back deck, the triangle-like reflections fluctuated in size and shape as if they were dancing.

It was quite beautiful.

Often, I find myself rushing. This morning in particular, I was hurrying to get us out the door in order to make a meeting. In the chaos, I sometimes forget just how new every single thing is to Jude. He is distracted in the morning because he’s taking it all in; he’s in wonder. And when I slow down enough, I can appreciate these things along with him. I can see that this world can be a wonderful and magical place. I can encourage him to always hold on to that kind of amazement.

It is quite beautiful.

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One Response to And I Say, It’s All Right

  1. Nicole says:

    Love, love, love this post!

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