A New Start

I have been inspired to start working–really working–on my first young adult novel. I’ve been developing several ideas for a while, and after discussing all of them with Mike, I settled on the one with which I feel the most connection.

When I get a story or novel idea, I don’t start writing right away. Sometimes, it takes me a few days, and other times, it’s months or even longer.  I find that I have to meditate on the characters for a while to decide if they are real. I also have to work out a very, very rough draft of the plot before I can commit it to paper. I am not someone who can work from the confines of an outline, though I do construct a loose plan when working on a longer piece. I like letting my characters go where they need to even if it’s somewhere unexpected.

And now, I am ready to begin.


I am more invested in my writing at this point in my life than any other, and while it’s exciting, it also means that I don’t have time to work on other projects and keep the house together and be a good mom. So, while I’m very excited to be starting this new novel, I don’t want to risk letting tumbleweeds acquire on this blog.

If you will be patient and bear with me, I would love the opportunity to spend the next couple of months sharing updates with you and filling you in on my progress. Here and there, I’ll pepper my posts with stories about Jude and Mike and whatever else is happening, but I want to devote my spare time an energy to my novel in order to give it a fair chance. I don’t know what life will be like when I go back to work, but with paper grading and all else, I fear that my writing will take a hit. Plus, I hope that by letting you all in on my work, it will keep me honest.

Wish me luck!

How do you balance everything, including family, career, and personal interests? What do you sacrifice in order to accomplish your goals?

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3 Responses to A New Start

  1. Beverly says:

    Best wishes for a successful writing experience. When my kids were little, I read THE ARTIST’S WAY by Julia Cameron and it helped me write in the midst of the cheerios and dirty diapers.

    What do I sacrifice to write? Sleep. A clean kitchen. Taking a shower. Ooops, TMI. But with my handy timer and a little discipline, I am writing, and my life isn’t too chaotic.

  2. Nicole says:

    Ooh, that’s awesome! Go for it and write that novel!! 🙂

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