The Icing

On what was to be the coldest day in decades in our corner of Pennsylvania, I decided to keep Jude home from school so we could hang out and cuddle. I am still on holiday break, and though I want to ease him back into school, I also want to spend quality time together while we have it. I figured that single digit temperatures and whipping winds made for good enough reasons not to run across a parking lot from the car to the school building and back again.

Turns out, I was somewhat deluded naive about the fun involved in being confined indoors all day with an energetic two-and-a-half year old.

Oh, there were highs, like watching a little Mickey Mouse Clubhouse hand-in-hand:


And making DIY, no-bake play dough:

Top left: Food coloring hazard. Bottom left: A stegosaurus, by request (that color was supposed to be purple, but ended up, er, rainbow).

There was also homemade pasta sauce (with enough leftovers to freeze for a month’s worth of deliciousness), a good indoor run, and a pretty stellar nap for Mom and baby boy.

There were also some lows, including three time-outs, a frozen pipe in the upstairs bathroom, and way too much TV watching/staring at iPhone. 

Despite the continued chill, I’d planned on taking Jude back to school on Wednesday so I could have a little me-time, and it ended up being just the right counter to the previous day. Though I love being with my best little friend, I do find myself missing my solitude now and again. Before my son was born, the time I spent on my own was often my favorite. I loved coming home to an empty house and putting my feet up on the ottoman, enjoying a Diet Pepsi, a snack, and some mindless afternoon TV before a long, luxurious nap. I am the kind of person who likes going shopping and out to eat and to the movies by myself; it’s just rare that I get to do that sort of thing anymore.

So on Wednesday, after dropping Jude off at school, I headed to the beautiful Ambler Theater to see Inside Llewyn Davis, the newest release from the Coen Brothers. I am crazy about the Coen Brothers, and I thoroughly enjoyed their new movie, especially the beautiful music and the perfect performance by Oscar Isaac. Also, the popcorn was delicious, and the parking was free because the meter machine was out of order. Hooray! The afternoon was sublime and the company was good, too.

I am never able to accomplish everything I imagine I might over winter break, but spending time with my best buddy and still getting a chance to see the movie at the top of my must-see list has been some really sweet icing.

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10 Responses to The Icing

  1. Ahh, I loved reading this. I could feel the energy from the first day…and then the relaxation-and-recharge from the second. It sounds like you had the best of both worlds during that bitter weather!

  2. I know exactly what you mean about being cooped up indoor on days like that. There are great moments and also harder moments. I had one of those days with the kids I nanny early this week when the weather was so terrible. I’m glad you had some down time the next day, though!

  3. Winding road says:

    Both days sound equally awesome!

  4. Nicole says:

    Life really is all about balance! I’m SO glad you were able to get some of that much-needed alone time, in addition to some special time with Jude. AND I have to say that I’m totally loving Jude’s striped outfit, because you know how much I love stripes! HA, ha. 🙂

  5. It looks like you and Jude had a wonderful time together. I loved making play dough with my mom and just spending time with her. It’s also great that you were able to have some “me” time as well. What a nice balance!

  6. Matthew says:

    Someone else who makes homemade sauce!!!!

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