What Jude Said

I often find myself wanting to write posts about my son because he is the central focus of my life. I think about him almost every moment of the day, and he’s the person with whom I spend most of my time.

But, as much as I want to show everyone in the world how amazing and funny and adorable he is, I also want to stay true to the theme of this blog, which means I want to talk about all the ways in which I try to live a happier life. Some days, that means I’ll want to talk about Jude, and on others, I want to zoom the lens in elsewhere.

Because my brain is filled to capacity with Jude stories, I decided to free up some space by creating side blog called What Jude Said. It is quite literally a collection of the humorous things he does and says each day, and I thought that by preserving them in one space, I’d have a better chance of remembering them. Also, I hope readers might find it entertaining.

Please follow us on Tumblr or check back often for updates using the link in the Millions of Suns header.

Happy Saturday!

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4 Responses to What Jude Said

  1. Haha! That quote is hilarious! I’ll check out your Tumbler now! 🙂

  2. I just love this idea and will definitely be checking out “What Jude Said.”

  3. Oh…I’m excited for this!! Going to check it out now. 🙂

  4. Nicole says:

    SUCH a great idea!! And he is just too cute!

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