282 Steps

In an average day, I take about 4,000 steps. If I run on the elliptical machine or engage in a power-shop at the mall, it’s much higher, and on the lazier days, that number shrinks by at least a thousand. I know this because my phone tracks that sort of thing, and I have become borderline-obsessed with checking up on my step-status throughout the day.

Yesterday just so happened to be an all time low for me in terms of movement. I took just two hundred and eighty two steps, give or take the ones that happened when I wasn’t holding my phone. It was a freezing, snowy day here in the northeast, and Jude and I decided to stay inside all day, hibernating. I didn’t even get out of my pajamas until 9:30 pm, when I showered and got back in to a fresh pair of sleepwear.

Unlike most days, when my steps are mostly mindless and unremarkable, inspired only by my need to get from here to there, yesterday’s steps were purposeful and deliberate. What I really wanted to do was lie on the couch all day, cuddled under a blanket, so anything I did accomplish felt intentional.


In lieu of being physically active, we read books, built a car with Mega Bloks, destroyed said Mega Bloks car, and built a home for a stuffed panda out of Mega Bloks (actually, I built the home while Jude cuddle the panda who was “sad” about being shelterless). When the power went out, we pretended to be a kangaroo mom and baby and sat together under a blanket, telling improvised stories about the Grinch. After lunch, and the return of electricity (hooray!), we built a fort (which Jude calls a “hotel”) and made a make-shift road out of a carpet remnant for his Lightning McQueen car (“Mommy! Push me!”). Later, we made Play-Doh trains and had a light saber fight with rolls of wrapping paper and just generally had a good time being silly.


I did no laundry and watched no TV. I didn’t even go out to get the mail. I will admit that by eight pm, I felt the need to zone out to Parks & Rec and catch up on all my Words With Friends/Soda Crush games, but in all, I felt happy about the way our snow day unfolded, even with all that inertia.

I try so often to pack our schedule with big or small adventures–anything from train rides to trips to the mall. I have this insane need to busy myself all the time, filling my days and nights with activities that are sometimes important and fulfilling, and other times, meaningless and meant only to keep me moving.  So when I finally got in bed last night and checked to see how many steps I hadn’t taken, I was reminded that sometimes, it’s just good to hang out in slippers all day, doing nothing (and everything) while the world slip-slides past me on the cold and icy road outside.

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2 Responses to 282 Steps

  1. Today is day one of Christopher’s ACL surgery so we haven’t done much of anything either. I imagine I’d had just about that many steps today too. 😉 But there is definitely something great about days like that! I’m glad you guys had fun together. 🙂

  2. Matthew says:

    Though this completely goes against the overall theme of your post…if you wanted a different (cheap) alternative to having to carry your phone to count your steps you should look into the vivofit. It’s a wrist-worn glorified pedometer basically. I have one, Becca has one; as do my sister, brother-in-law, father, and future sister-in-law.

    *Wordpress Bots – I swear this isn’t an ad…I’m real*

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