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4 Responses to Links

  1. olga0207 says:

    I just came to have a look at your blog because we’re sharing the same WordPress theme but I spent here quite a long time. Thank you for your sincere posts and interesting links. I’d love to return here! 🙂

  2. mary says:

    Hello Gina!

    I somehow came across your blog when I was looking into making my own. I’ve enjoyed your great postings! I love how honest and candid you are and your writing is wonderful! I’m not much of a reader since graduating from college unless it’s real-life stories. Thank you for taking me on your life journey. I’m excited to read about your months to come with the anticipation of your baby. I too am a mother. I have a son that is 17 and a junior in high school. During spring break next month we’re taking a rode trip up to northern California to check out some colleges he is interested in. California State Chico to be exact. You see, my nephew Matthew Axelson went there before enlisting in the Navy like all the other men in my family has. He graduated with a Political Science degree and enlisted to become a Navy SEAL. He graduated and became an extremely good SEAL. Graduating 2nd in his class. Unfortunately we lost him in the summer of June 28, 2005 in Afghanistan. One of his teammates survived and wrote a book soon to be a movie called The Lone Survivor. My son will follow in the same footsteps. My daughter is going to be 16 next month and a sophmore in high school. Her love is the theater. She’s been in a few community productions but not until her 1st high school production did I see her shine. I remember being where you are in both of my pregnancies. I know that towards the end it becomes uncomfortable, but I hope you enjoy every minute of it. Your stomach seems to become public property when everyone wants to feel it. I know it can be annoying at times. I just hope you embrace everything. People always told me how fast kids grow. I get it. Please keep writing so we can all go along with you on the best adventure of your life! Peace. Mary

    • justmarriedgirl says:

      Thanks so much for your thoughts, Mary.

      I am so sorry to hear of your loss, and I wish you nothing but joy on your road trip with your son!

      Please let me know your blog address when you get it up and running.

  3. Dear Gina:

    I also use the WordPress template you use. I just finished reading quite a bit of your blog and I have to tell you, I got such a kick out of it. I LOVED the saga of the birthing classes. Absolutely hilarious! I’m sitting here having some great flashbacks. You are blessed with a wonderful writing ability. I shall have to remember to check back and see what the next chapter brings in your life as a new Mom.

    All the best!


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